MapR-DB Table CRUD operations log files

Discussion created by rey.vasquez on Sep 13, 2018



I'm currently running the Dev container for MacOS to learn/understand MapR logging / audit, and I have some questions. When I perform CRUD operations with maprcli, I can see the operations on: /opt/mapr/mapr-cli-audit-log/audit.log.json


I also see the tables getting created with: ls -l /mapr/ | grep table


But when I perform CRUD operations from hbase shell, the tables are created, and data are stored, but the logs are not reflected on the same log file above, nor any log that I could find:



I guess my general question is, what log files should I be looking into for logs of data operations?  Is there a centralized way of tracking CRUD operations as supposed to looking at the applications/tools that invoked the operations?

Is Drill the right tool for this?  What about on a real/multi-node settings?


Any help is appreciated.